Tuesday, November 13, 2018

All four kids had their well child checkups recently.  During his, the Super Kid mentioned to his pediatrician that he gets some bad chest pain during cross country that takes a while to go away.  Because of family history as well as the fact that the Super Kid has a wonky EKG, Dr M wanted him to see cardiology.  He saw a different doctor than Iz sees but Dr S was incredibly thorough.  EKG is still wonky but not worryingly so and his echo was fine.  In our last state that would have been the end of it but Dr S was determined to figure out why the Super Kid was having pain.  She set him up to do a pulmonary-cardio stress test so he did breathing tests, ran on the treadmill, more breathing tests.  Everything looked normal and in fact, his results put him in the 75th percentile for his age so he did better with everything than the average kid his age being tested.  So she had us see a physical therapist for an evaluation and we found the culprit!  Some of his muscles were incredibly tight and therefore significantly shortened and was pulling his shoulders out of position.  And the muscles between his ribs were very tight and shortened.  The PT did a lot of stretches and exercises with the  Super Kid and by the time they were done, his shoulders had naturally moved about 4 inches o_O  He has exercises to do at home to continue to stretch and loosen those muscles to get everything in its proper place and that should stop the chest wall pain.  If it starts  hurting again, we can call up PT and they'll bring the Super Kid in to work on those muscles some more.  I'm glad Dr S was thorough and determined to help :D

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