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Monday, February 12, 2018

We talked it through....

Iz had OT today.  When Miss J brought her back to me, she said they had a really great session.  Miss J chose some difficult things to work on--in the past, Iz would have gotten frustrated and shut down but today, they were able to talk it through, figure it out, and keep on working and get it done :D  This is why she's homeschooled, so we can work on those skills and get her to a spot where she can return to school.  It is FANTASTIC that she did so well today :)

Friday, February 9, 2018

W loves the new OT

Today was our meeting with the new OT and he LOVES her.  He loved his old OT, Miss M, but he's responding so well to Miss K.  She had him doing things he has always refused to do plus she had him thinking it was his idea to do it :p  Miss K also got Miss Iz involved in doing OT and now Iz is telling everyone she's going to be a therapist when she grows up and she's already in training to be an OT LOL