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Saturday, May 19, 2018

obsessive behaviors

My Busy Little B has been having a hard week.  The rigidity in his thought patterns has been getting worse and he's been fixating on things a lot lately.  Small deviations in "normal" are overwhelming.  He had to take a mental health day from school Friday because he just couldn't handle multiple things being "wrong"--he spent a lot of time rocking back and forth, pacing, doing repetitive movements/actions trying to deal with the changes in his world.  Once school is out, we have to wean him off his trileptal to get an unmedicated EEG and I am not looking forward to it AT ALL.  Starting the trileptal years ago really helped with the fixations and obsessiveness.  The increase in the behaviors now is coming on after a recent growth spurt--neuro did not increase his trileptal to match the growth.  *sigh*  The next few months are going to need a lot of patience on everyone's part!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Today was just not a good appointment day for the Busy Little B.  He had another OT and while he's worked with her before, he doesn't mesh well with her.  She does great with Iz and the Super Kid but chances are always high B will just shut down on her.  She challenges his rigid ideas of how things need to go, he overloads, he shuts down.  She ended their session early and I did some deep pressure and massage to help calm down his system and he attempted speech therapy but they also ended early because he just couldn't pull himself out.  The SLP was very nice and understanding and told him that it was okay because we all get overloaded sometimes and need to take a break and they'd try again next week (he looks forward to speech all week and was so excited to go today :( ).  Next week he will begin working with Miss A's replacement so no more musical chairs with OTs and I'm hoping that will help.  Consistency is good for B!  I just hope the new OT can form a bond with him so he's less likely to get overwhelmed!

Miss Iz did really well in OT.  Miss J said she did an awesome job taking turns with other kids in the therapy room and they worked on things that challenge her and she worked hard and stayed calm when frustrated :)

The Super Kid was supposed to have OT as well but they had to reschedule because there wasn't an OT available.  He'll be seeing the same OT as B starting next week so it will be good we don't have to cancel and reschedule all the time!

Registration for summer swim lessons opened up so I got the kids all signed up.  One thing I was looking forward to was being able to get a better-for-us time slot and well, that didn't happen.  The better time slot is during B's ESY (extended school year) :|  So we had to stay at the same evening time *sigh*  At least in summer bedtime is a bit later so its not such a rush :p  Each of the three big kids is signed up for two sessions but poor W only gets one.  They aren't doing parent-child lessons over the summer and he can't enroll in the preschool lesson until he's three.  So he can't do session one.  But session two starts a couple days after his third birthday :)  My baby is growing up!  He'll be going in the pool for lessons without me :p  Miss Iz thinks I should put my suit on anyway and be in the water swimming so I'll be right there, just in case.  She's worried the swim instructor will have too many kids to keep an eye on :p