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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our schedule is getting way too full.....

Its like the floodgates have opened.  I spent so long trying to get referrals, trying to find places that could give us some answers, trying to find out the reasons behind why I had this feeling things were "off".  And since we switched to this new pediatrician, things have slowly trickled in.  We got therapy started for Iz and S for their anxiety, S has been getting special ed services at school to help him with his problem areas, S went to cardiology (where we found out those symptoms chalked up to "FTM worry" all those years ago were actual due to a CHD), we got a referral to genetics for all three kids, a referral to neurology for Iz, we started the evaluation process for B (and kept hitting roadblocks *sigh*).  Seems like a lot, eh?

But now?  All of that stuff up there was over the course of almost a year.  But now we have Iz getting a full genetic workup and the geneticist is referring her to neuropsych to get some evaluations.  We discovered a problem neurologically so she's got that 24 hour EEG coming up plus her MRI found that cyst in her brain so she has a pediatrician appointment soon to follow-up on that and decide whether we are going to test her pituitary function.  Her Early Intervention coordinator and EI playgroup teacher are moving forward with repeating her evaluations to see if she qualifies for special ed services next year to keep her in the program because of her speech/social/anxiety issues.  And she has her ophthalmologist appointment coming up as well.  B had his intake appointment with neuropsych and is scheduled for a full evaluation.  S is scheduled for an intake appointment with the same neuropsych.  I finally found a dentist willing to see all three kids (as soon as they hear heart kid, ADHD/SPD, and autism-like behaviors, the dentist offices are "full" or "not equipped") so those appointments are coming up, too.  Plus all of our normal appointments :p  The next month is busy busy busy busy busy :p

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A sunset walk

After a long, cold winter, we have been loving the warmth!  Of course, the upcoming week is supposed to drop down below freezing again :\  Spring will eventually be here for good, though, right?

Even with the warmth, most of the actual playgrounds have been a bit too muddy and wet for playing so we've been trying out different walking trails :)  The other night, we went to a favorite park after dinner and had a sunset walk :)  This park is fairly large with a play structure, a catch-and-release-pond, multiple sports fields, and walking trails.  We chose a path that went along the lake for a bit.
The path is made of small gravel and the kids thought the ruts from the park maintenance vehicles were awesome LOL  They walked in them, hopped back and forth over them and in general were just silly :p
About halfway around the lake, B had to stop and get the gravel out of his shoe ;)
He wanted to do it himself so Iz and I played peekaboo while we waited.
We walked past the lake down towards the end of the park.  There's a small private airport down there next to the park and the kids were hoping the plane we saw take off while we were over by the lake would be ready to land when we were right next to the airfield.  Alas, it was not and we turned back towards the lake without seeing any small planes land. However, we were right on time back at the lake for a gorgeous sunset!
And B needed to pose with his Farky :p
I'm pretty sure he would have stood there all night getting his picture taken :p