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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Baby W started speech therapy today and I was very pleased with how well he did.  He tends to be shy and stick to me around new people but after a few minutes, he left me and approached the SLP and interacted with her.  He liked her and while he ran back to me for reassurance often, he also went to her and participated and even tried to imitate her sounds :) 

Its so strange to me that he has no "real" speech.  He says mama, da, hi, and byebye but by this age my older three had sentences and big vocabularies.  Of course, those three also had speech regressions around 18 months and all had to be in speech (two oldest are still in speech--Iz was put in speech much earlier than they were and caught up quickly). 

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Iz and I taught Baby W how to throw a ball today.  Iz thought this was terrific because it is great fun to play catch!  Except Baby W doesn't want to stop now LOL  He is throwing whatever he can pick up at us so we can catch it.  Before, he just sort of limply dropped things to get us to pick them back up again but now that he's figured out how to get some distance, he's really going for it.  Pretty good aim, too HA!