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Friday, June 27, 2014

A little good news :)

Izzy had her last speech session!  She has met all of her goals and is considered "age appropriate" :p  Her speech therapist would still work with her on a few things, particularly clarity when speaking in longer sentences, if insurance would continue to cover it but her eval scores are too good to get another session approved.  But that's okay--for now, her speech is so much better than it was and hopefully these months of early intervention will keep her speech development from going down the same path as her brothers (both of whom are still in speech through the school).  I guess that is one bonus of being the youngest of three--when her speech development was identical to her older brothers, I did not have to fight to get her evaluated and helped because the history was already there. 

She was also approved for preschool next year but there are not enough open spots so she's on the waitlist.  Her Early Intervention team has been putting the pressure on the preschool to get her in because of her social skills (which are pretty much zero.  She rarely will interact with the other kids, even though she looks forward to seeing them and talks about them all week) and the fact that her speech is nonexistent when she is with a group so they are hoping she lands a spot.  If she doesn't, there's a playgroup for older kids (3-4yos) so at the very least we will do that. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello, my name is impatient

We met with the neuropsych a week ago to go over B's evaluations.  They needed a few followup tests so the first half of our meeting was waiting while his psychologist did her evals and scored them.  Then we went over some of the scores (he is average in the intelligence tests and average in speech except in outgoing--he can understand what you are saying just fine but he cannot express what he wants to say).  The head of the office came in to look over the results and ask follow-up questions.  We talked about some of the various diagnosis and treatment plans but he wanted time to go over the new evals thoroughly before writing the final report/diagnosis.  I was kinda hoping I'd have it by now *sigh*

Waiting, waiting, waiting.......

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Busy busy busy!

Things have been busy around here--lots and lots of driving for therapies and appointments!  But its a good busy because things have been holding pretty steady and we are just in the rhythm of getting to where we need to be :)

Izzy's speech therapy has been going so well since she started the seizure meds!  She has met several of her goals and we may be finished for now in another month or so :)

Early Intervention has been evaluating her to see what her transition out of EI will be like since she turns three in the fall just as the programs are starting back up.  They are thinking she does not need the full-on special education preschool the way B did but they also are not sure how she would do in a completely mainstream classroom by herself.  But they would really like to see her moving on to some sort of program to continue working on speech and emotional/social development.  Perhaps a regular classroom with an aide?  They are checking to see what's available and hopefully we will have a plan in the next few weeks!

B had his transitional IEP meeting so I could meet the staff at his new school.  He's going into a special education classroom with a goal of hopefully being able to attend specials with the mainstream students and then over the next few years build up his time mainstream until he is there most of the time.  We are anticipating a rough transition, though, as he doesn't do terribly well in new and unfamiliar places so it may be a while before they attempt mainstream specials.  Maybe he'll surprise us and be just fine switching schools!

Both B and S have had evaluations with the new neuropsych so now its just time to wait for results and to get a plan in place to move forward :)

And that's about it :p