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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Apparently she was tired after all...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Poor baby isn't feeling well so she takes lots of breaks but that doesn't keep her from playing!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

After a hard morning of playing and eating (her first time trying oatmeal--she is a fan) and playing some more, Izzy decided naptime should take place on Mommy.  So we are snuggled up on the sofa with our blanket and pillow while I watch an episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles with S.
Iz sits up, looks around, rubs her eyes and, still sitting on my legs, sinks into the sofa cushions and goes right back to sleep sitting up :p. She actually does it often so it must be comfy for her

Last night, S spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa--I figured I had to take advantage of only having two kids underfoot and decided to get my grocery shopping done :p  B gets very excited when it is just him and Izzy at the store because he gets to walk beside the cart and "help" me :p  Unfortunately, if he and S are together, they bicker over who gets to stand where and who gets to help get what and one of them, usually B, gets stuck sitting in the basket.  And it is usually B, not because he is younger, but because he is the more stubborn and won't cut it out when I tell him to :p  Anyhoo, the two Littles aren't so bad together at the store so we got ourselves ready.  Izzy really wanted to wear her flower shoes and it wasn't until after I put them on that I realized her sock\shoe combo matched the stripes on her shirt LOL  She was quite pleased with her outfit and refused to take her shoes off for most of the day--very unusual for her since she normally whips her shoes off every chance she gets :p

B could care less about shoes or matching--he is usually just grumpy that I made him wear clothes ;)  But I thought they were looking pretty darn cute :p

B is pretending to take a picture of me with his "camera".  I think it is a piece of the newspaper Izzy had such fun destroying earlier (you can still seem remnants of it by their feet LOL).

B had lots of fun at the store--he helped me pick stuff out, put it in the cart, asked for a million things and did not throw a fit when I said no, said HI to lots of people, etc ;-)  He even picked out some produce and at lunch later he willingly ate the cucumber he picked out.  Not a lot but there was no prompting, no telling him he must eat at least one bite.  It was nice.  Now let's hope tomorrow he remembers he also picked out the broccoli I will be serving........

Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting back into our routine :)

The last month or so has been crazy--between surgeries and illnesses and hospitalizations and infections and everything else, nothing has been "normal" around here.  Today, we were able to take a step back into our routine--the gym :p

B was excited at first because he thought we were going swimming.  No lessons yet, buddy--we missed the January class so it will be end of February before we get back in.  The pout over that was short lived, though, because he realized that meant he got to play in the child watch room.  He loves it there :0)

I was pleased to discover that despite not having gone for over a month, I easily slipped right back into the levels I was at on the machines from before and was even able to increase without any difficulties.  And then I drove home and stiffened up.  Heh.  I could hear my muscles mocking me ;)  Ah, well, at least I know they all got worked ;)

On the bright side, today was the very first time that Izzy did not care that I was back to pick her up.  She has always had a time limit of about an hour and the closer that mark got, the clingier she was and the tears would brim and she would be one sad little girl until I walked through the door and took her away.  Today, she was too busy playing with another little boy to give me a second thought.  B greeted me with a huge smile and ran to hug me with a big ole MMMOOOOMMMMYYYYYY! but Miss Iz was just grumpy that I dared interrupt her play and did not want to leave :)  That makes me so incredibly happy.  Perhaps it was a one time fluke but even if it was, it is still such a long way from those days and weeks and months after her surgery when me moving just a few feet away could be enough to throw her into a full fledged panic attack.  She is growing up :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We have been trapped inside so much lately than we braved the park after school today.  It was sunny, though, so that helped :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This is B's "I'm concentrating" face

S was looking forward to today because he was going for a haircut after school.  His day got even better when a surprise phone call announced his glasses arrived earlier than expected. He was so excited to go pick them up although he does think they feel weird :p
He wasn't thrilled about taking a before picture but he definitely wanted the after picture :)  He wanted to be sure I put that one online LOL

Monday, January 14, 2013

Today we took the kids to a local mall with an indoor play area.  It was perfect for Iz :)  All of the little tunnels and slides and bridges and things were not too easy or too hard for her, if that makes sense.  Most of them were a challenge for her, but not so hard that she couldn't get it with some effort.  S and B were old pros at everything and spent their time burning off energy.  Little Iz would stand back and watch, carefully observing everything they and the other kids did and then she would giggle and clap her hands and jump up and down in the cute lil kid way where their feet never actually leave the ground :p  And then she would attempt to do it, too.

The funniest one was this little tunnel--it was too short for her to walk through normally but tall enough that she didn't have to get down and crawl.  So she would crouch down, crab step forward, attempt to stand up, bump her head.  Crouch down, crab step, stand up, hit head.  Over and over through the whole (albeit short) tunnel.  After a couple tries she figured out the bending slightly over and walking through thing but it was hilarious to watch her figure it out :P

Her other big conquest was the slide--it was shaped like a tree and on one side were little steps, then you go through a little tunnel though the tree and down a bumpy slide.  It was a few feet up so she came to get me her first try.  I held her hands and helped her maneuver the steps (she climbed her very first steps yesterday so she is still a newbie at it) and then helped her sit and scoot forward until she could slide down.  I was afraid the bumps would scare her but she thought they were hilarious.  She tried it on her own the next time and made it all the way up in the tunnel before forgetting how to sit and scoot :)  But once I helped her, she had a grand time going down the bumpy slide again :)

Both S and B very much want to go back.  While it is a little on the babyish side for them, S told me that playing is more fun if Izzy can come, too, and the other places we go for indoor playing are too much for her.  So they want to go to the baby playground so she can play with them.  I have some pretty darn sweet kids.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Update on S

So Monday the cast comes off, he isn't feeling well and running a fever.  Tuesday, one of the stitches pushes out of his incision.  We don't hear back from the surgeon's office until Wednesday and they say it is a dissolveable stitch that didn't dissolve because of the cast and we should wait and see.  Normally they tell parents they can go ahead and pull the stitch out this long after surgery but because S is running a fever and the area is red and slightly puffy, they don't want us to touch it.  Just continue to wait.  *sigh*  Because he is running a fever, he is not allowed at school and he has already missed far too much between missing four days after he broke it, three days because of his surgery, and now almost the entire week due to a fever that I was pretty darn sure was only there because his body was trying to get rid of this stitch that was not dissolving.

But we waited and watched, just as the surgeon's office wanted us to.  We checked his incision and stitch often and watched that stitch work its way out of his arm.  It was actually kind of neat to watch--we checked it about once an hour and each time, you could see that it was further and further out of his arm.  First one strand came out completely, the knotted up one, and then the other piece came out.  By Friday morning, no more fever.  So S finally went back to school :)

Haircut Hatred

B, age 3, apparently has not yet outgrown his strong feelings about haircuts ;-)  We have to have his head buzzed so it is over as quickly as possible because it takes both of us to hold him down as he screeches throughout the entire haircut.
Once it is over, though, he is all smiles :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kiddo is excited about getting his first pair of glasses.  We were thinking it was nearsightedness since both his Dad and I are but it is astigmatism. Which I also have but mildly :p. 7-10 days and he will see clearly!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tell me something good about your day :)

A rare moment when she held still...

...and I need more of them!  This girl is determined to give me a heart attack.  I go to the other room for a moment and I come back to find her cheekily grinning at me from the top of my cedar bookshelf :/  She is a much better climber than the boys *sigh*
I took her into the boys room for a bit to play so I could have some peace--there isn't anything she is capable of climbing (yet).  Most of the pictures are just a blur but she paused a moment to lean on my leg and grin at me for this photo :)
PSA:  Anchor all your furniture before they get mobile--you never know when the climbing bug will strike...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The cast is off!

Yesterday, S had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.  He was so nervous going in!  They took his cast off and then did some x-rays--you can still see the fracture in the bones but you can also see where they are knitting back together.  Because of the titanium rods in his bones, the rest of the healing can be done cast-free so they didn't need to put a new cast on :)  S isn't sure whether to be happy or scared, though, because now he doesn't have the security of the cast!  He has to still take it easy for the next two weeks and then he can do more "normal" things.

He was scared to have the Dr pull off the steri strips from his incisions (two small ones at his wrist where they inserted the rods and a long one on his arm where they had to go in and repair the calcified bump on his bone from the last break--it was preventing the rod from going in) so the Dr told him he could let them work themselves loose in the bath.  We got home and he took a long bath and later that evening the steri strips came off.  He had a scab over one of the small incisions and it came off at some point last night.

He wasn't feeling that great yesterday and was running a fever by bedtime so he stayed home from school again today.  Early afternoon, he comes to me, freaking out about his arm--I look and where the scab came off last night there is a knotted piece of what looks like fishing line sticking out of his  arm.  It was apparently tucked in under the healing scab and pushed its way out today.  It is kinda gross LOL  S insisted we put a bandaid over it so it doesn't get caught on anything while we wait for word from the doc on what our next move is (we got the office voicemail and are waiting for a call back).

He started feeling better but his fever creeped up again towards bedtime so I dunno if school is in the cards tomorrow.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I have a bad habit of taking a ton of pictures on my phone and then not uploading them :p. One day, my phone notified me that I was out of memory space--oops!  I had about 1700 photos saved on there.  I have been slowly working my way through them, uploading them to Facebook and sharing a few of my favorites here.  I am happy to say I have it under 200 and I am hoping to do better at uploading so it doesn't happen again!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Miscellaneous Memories

**Izzy's feet have finally slimmed down enough that I can buy her shoes--her first pair, we tried on about twenty before we could find one that could accommodate her chub :p  So we bought a couple new pairs yesterday.  We get home today and she is laying on the sofa playing with her new Mary Janes--she takes one off and is just studying the little flowers on it.  Her Daddy comes in and she looks over at him and says "HI, DAD!"  A few seconds later, she holds out her shoe and says "You want this?"  She is picking up words like there is no tomorrow!  She is definitely a talker :)
**B was playing in his room today.  I peek in and see him dragging the desk chair over to the wall where we hang their coats.  He grabs his coat off the floor, climbs up on the chair, and then hangs the coat on the hook :)  I was so very proud of him--I didn't even ask for him to pick up and here he was, cleaning his room :p
**The other day Izzy fell asleep on the sofa--the boys have these bean bag chairs that I will put up against the sofa if any of the kids fall asleep there.  If they roll off, they will land on the nice soft chairs and no harm done.  Before I could go and grab the chairs to slide up where Izzy was asleep, S jumped up and arranged the chairs by her and then leans in and kisses her cheek oh so gently and brushes the hair out of her eyes.  It was absolutely breathtaking in its sweetness :)
**Izzy is very much into using a napkin to wipe her face while she is eating.  She has terrible aim but she tries ;)
**The other day Izzy was throwing a doozy of a tantrum, complete with throwing herself on the ground and kicking her feet on the floor.  I ask her, "Izzy, are you throwing a tantrum?"  She stops, looks over at me and says, "YEAH."  And promptly returns back to the fake tantrum cry and kicks.  A few seconds later and she gets up and goes about her day.  heh.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013