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Friday, January 11, 2013

Update on S

So Monday the cast comes off, he isn't feeling well and running a fever.  Tuesday, one of the stitches pushes out of his incision.  We don't hear back from the surgeon's office until Wednesday and they say it is a dissolveable stitch that didn't dissolve because of the cast and we should wait and see.  Normally they tell parents they can go ahead and pull the stitch out this long after surgery but because S is running a fever and the area is red and slightly puffy, they don't want us to touch it.  Just continue to wait.  *sigh*  Because he is running a fever, he is not allowed at school and he has already missed far too much between missing four days after he broke it, three days because of his surgery, and now almost the entire week due to a fever that I was pretty darn sure was only there because his body was trying to get rid of this stitch that was not dissolving.

But we waited and watched, just as the surgeon's office wanted us to.  We checked his incision and stitch often and watched that stitch work its way out of his arm.  It was actually kind of neat to watch--we checked it about once an hour and each time, you could see that it was further and further out of his arm.  First one strand came out completely, the knotted up one, and then the other piece came out.  By Friday morning, no more fever.  So S finally went back to school :)