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Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting back into our routine :)

The last month or so has been crazy--between surgeries and illnesses and hospitalizations and infections and everything else, nothing has been "normal" around here.  Today, we were able to take a step back into our routine--the gym :p

B was excited at first because he thought we were going swimming.  No lessons yet, buddy--we missed the January class so it will be end of February before we get back in.  The pout over that was short lived, though, because he realized that meant he got to play in the child watch room.  He loves it there :0)

I was pleased to discover that despite not having gone for over a month, I easily slipped right back into the levels I was at on the machines from before and was even able to increase without any difficulties.  And then I drove home and stiffened up.  Heh.  I could hear my muscles mocking me ;)  Ah, well, at least I know they all got worked ;)

On the bright side, today was the very first time that Izzy did not care that I was back to pick her up.  She has always had a time limit of about an hour and the closer that mark got, the clingier she was and the tears would brim and she would be one sad little girl until I walked through the door and took her away.  Today, she was too busy playing with another little boy to give me a second thought.  B greeted me with a huge smile and ran to hug me with a big ole MMMOOOOMMMMYYYYYY! but Miss Iz was just grumpy that I dared interrupt her play and did not want to leave :)  That makes me so incredibly happy.  Perhaps it was a one time fluke but even if it was, it is still such a long way from those days and weeks and months after her surgery when me moving just a few feet away could be enough to throw her into a full fledged panic attack.  She is growing up :)