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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Miscellaneous Memories

**Izzy's feet have finally slimmed down enough that I can buy her shoes--her first pair, we tried on about twenty before we could find one that could accommodate her chub :p  So we bought a couple new pairs yesterday.  We get home today and she is laying on the sofa playing with her new Mary Janes--she takes one off and is just studying the little flowers on it.  Her Daddy comes in and she looks over at him and says "HI, DAD!"  A few seconds later, she holds out her shoe and says "You want this?"  She is picking up words like there is no tomorrow!  She is definitely a talker :)
**B was playing in his room today.  I peek in and see him dragging the desk chair over to the wall where we hang their coats.  He grabs his coat off the floor, climbs up on the chair, and then hangs the coat on the hook :)  I was so very proud of him--I didn't even ask for him to pick up and here he was, cleaning his room :p
**The other day Izzy fell asleep on the sofa--the boys have these bean bag chairs that I will put up against the sofa if any of the kids fall asleep there.  If they roll off, they will land on the nice soft chairs and no harm done.  Before I could go and grab the chairs to slide up where Izzy was asleep, S jumped up and arranged the chairs by her and then leans in and kisses her cheek oh so gently and brushes the hair out of her eyes.  It was absolutely breathtaking in its sweetness :)
**Izzy is very much into using a napkin to wipe her face while she is eating.  She has terrible aim but she tries ;)
**The other day Izzy was throwing a doozy of a tantrum, complete with throwing herself on the ground and kicking her feet on the floor.  I ask her, "Izzy, are you throwing a tantrum?"  She stops, looks over at me and says, "YEAH."  And promptly returns back to the fake tantrum cry and kicks.  A few seconds later and she gets up and goes about her day.  heh.