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Friday, February 5, 2016

Things are calm

I tend to update a lot when things are scary because the very act of writing about it tends to help me get centered and prepared for the fight ahead so when things are calm, I tend to drift away.  Doesn't seem quite right, does it?  When my kids look back on these pages someday, they're going to want to know where all the happy times are instead of just the bad.  I suppose if I make a resolution to start updating regularly with the good things, there's a high probability I shall fail and still continue to just wander by randomly :\  Hey, at least I'm honest, I guess?

OK, update:
  • Izzy has graduated to cardio visits every two years--she is stable and doing great
  • we had another baby!  Little W joined us in June.  He had a heart murmur at birth but by the time we got our appointment with cardiology, there was no murmur but he does have some turbulence in one of the pulmonary arteries because it makes a sharp turn but he should outgrow that--as the artery widens and the curve gentles, the turbulence will abate.  His echo looked fantastic
  • We moved!  Several states away and while it was scary to leave all we knew behind and have to start over with a new medical and school team, it has been a FANTASTIC decision.  Don't get me wrong, we had an awesome medical team back in our last home but it still felt like we had to fight for a lot of things.  In our new state?  Its so easy to get referrals, insurance covers things our last state didn't, and nothing has been a fight.  I go in prepared to do battle and instead they are suggesting referrals I never even thought of.  The school is the same way!  I had to fight every step of the way before and the new school wants to help and added to their services at their suggestion.  No fighting necessary.  Awesome :)
  • We got a dog, a german shepherd named Mia.  She was an owner surrender and her somewhat neurotic behavior at times makes me wonder if they didn't always treat her the best but she's smart and eager to please and wedged herself firmly into our hearts and family.   When the warm weather returns, we will again get to enjoy long walks in the fantastic hike n bike trails here with her.