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Saturday, November 22, 2014

B goes to the neurologist

We had our neurology appointment this week--I was very nervous!  But we got excellent news--B's MRI was normal :)  None of the problems Iz has so that is a relief.  Dr. W did raise B's seizure meds a bit more (and told me the next dose up if I'm still seeing seizure activity after two weeks) so hopefully the new dose suppresses the seizures and we don't see any more episodes.  Iz has only had maybe one or two episodes since her meds were raised a few months back so I would love the same results for B.

We also talked about the ADHD and meds.  With S, we didn't even consider meds until we'd tried other avenues but B can get much more severe than S ever did and B's other issues can get triggered by the hyperactivity and impulsivity and in preschool it was not unusual for them to need to clear the room of other students until B got control of himself again.  B has already started weekly therapy and the seizure meds may help with the more severe behavior issues (sometimes seizures can cause them) so we are going to wait until closer to the end of the school year to give us time to find the right seizure med dosage and then talk ADHD meds.  If the weekly therapy and seizure meds bring him down to a more "normal" level, we might be able to postpone the meds but if he is still really struggling, we will go ahead and start.  He's already pretty far behind developmentally/emotionally/socially/educationally so if he's still at an abnormally high level even for a kid with ADHD, meds it will be.  One thing I like about Dr W is that he is just as cautious as our pediatrician when it comes to medication--he wants to make sure that the right med is being given for the right reason.  So if its the seizures causing B's brain to go haywire, he doesn't want to pile on unnecessary ADHD meds when all we really needed was the right seizure med (not that B doesn't have ADHD--I'm pretty sure anyone who spends any amount of time with him can see that he definitely does :p  But if you take away the seizures and the ADHD stands by itself, it may not be bad enough to need meds so young, if that makes sense.)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Six month followup

Two years ago (and a few days), my Busy Little B had his ear tubes placed.  He had lots of ear infections and could not pass a hearing test and the ENT found he pretty much always had fluid trapped in his ears.  The tubes went in and he finally passed a hearing test!  His speech grew by leaps and bounds (although he is still behind).  We were told to expect the tubes to stay in for six months to a year but you know my kids--they are rule breakers ;)

B sees the ENT every six months and at our last visit, one tube was nearly out.  This time around, that tube is completely gone and there is no sign of fluid trapped in there.  The other tube is still in place and open but looks like it is working its way out.  Our ENT thinks maybe in six months it might be out and we can evaluate whether the fluid is staying out or if B needs a new set.

In a few days, B has his next neurology appointment and we find out the results of his MRI.  After Izzy's MRI results, I must admit I am nervous to see what's going on in B's brain.

Friday, November 7, 2014

No news is good news, right?

Things have been fairly calm here lately.  We are just holding steady--taking meds, doing therapies, working through homework, watching the seasons change.  Things are still kind of busy and hectic and sometimes a little crazy but I like these stretches where nothing new pops up!  No diagnoses, no real problems, just......moving forward.