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Friday, February 28, 2014

Miss Emmy say Too-Nah!

So far in Speech Therapy, Iz hides. Under the table, behind me, always something between her and the therapist.  She eventually comes out and will watch what Miss Emily does but Iz will NOT participate in the formal section of therapy.  Now, when Miss Emily gets out a toy she likes, she will go over and play and she will talk a little bit but usually clams up again when Miss Emily tries to interact with her.

Yesterday, we were practicing our speech homework and Iz really loved practicing the word tuna :)  I reminded her we were going to see Miss Emily and asked her if she was going to show Miss Emily how good she was at saying tuna and doing the hand gestures (touching her index finger to her lip to feel the tuh from the t and then holding her finger against her nose to feel the vibrations from the n) and Iz said YES!  She then danced around singing Miss Emmy say too-nah.  It was adorable.  And I was hopeful we'd get some actual participation out of her later at therapy.

Nope :p  She was still excited right up until we walked through the door.  She went straight to the table and crawled under it.  I'm not sure whether to sigh or laugh ;)  But that's OK.  Miss Emily says some kids take a few weeks to settle in and the fact that Iz is starting to participate at home is great :)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

This morning as we were getting ready to drive S to school, Iz was trying to convince me to take her to "Donalds for sawsedge muffin!"  I told her no, we don't need to go to McDonalds, we will have breakfast when we get back from dropping off S (as we do pretty much every morning).  She pouted but then moved on to dancing around the living room with her teddy bear.

Fast forward about half an hour.  We drop off S and I mention that I could use a cup of coffee as we are heading for the parking lot exit.  A little voice pipes up from the back:  "Donalds have coffee, mama!"  HA!  Kiddo is persistent :p

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Izzy and her House

So far, Izzy is so not into speech therapy.  She's feeling really shy and anxious with this new lady and doesn't really participate at all.  Iz grunts at Miss E and hides from her, either under the table or behind me, but does eventually emerge and grudgingly participates a little bit.  However, when it is time to get out some toys for some free play, Iz LOVES the Little People house :)  Its an older one, red, with lots of accessories, and Iz opened right up and chatted up a storm to Miss E, telling her all about the family and what they were doing, and what they liked.  While she still isn't participating in the actual speech exercises, she is getting more comfortable and getting down the routines.  Hopefully in the next week or two she really starts working on things :p

Over the weekend, we took advantage of Target's 20% Little People Cartwheel offer and went in search of a house.  Iz was hoping for purple or blue but pink was all they had but she's still happy because it comes with a purple car for the family ;-)
Pretty much the whole weekend has been spent playing with this house and the people it came with and the few random Little People pets/farmer we have around the house.  Bob the Builder and a Smurf also live here =D  Now if only I could get the Busy Little B to stop declaring the house is just his and banning Iz from playing with it......

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We went to see genetics yesterday.  The dr didn't see anything that jumped out to him that indicates any specific syndrome or set of genes but because all three kids have similar issues and I have a few of the same things, he is thinking that there is most likely something going on genetically.  He ordered a microarray to take a "quick look" at our DNA and see if it turns up any deletions or repetitions that might point us in the right direction for further testing.  We should get a call in 2-3 weeks to set up the next appointment to get results and decide the next step

Sunday, February 16, 2014

More snow!

It is snowing again.  I don't think we needed anymore :p  I'm going to try to look positively at it, though--it is absolutely gorgeous :)  Big fat flakes floating lazily down, like a picture postcard :)  In a couple of days it is supposed to get all the way up near forty so I'm hoping my driveway and sidewalk snow and ice will melt and drain away :p

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vantines for my fwends!

On Monday, I took S to pick out Valentine's Day cards to make out for his class.  While we were there, we picked something out for B as well.  There are only 8 students in B's class so many of the packets had wayyyyy too many cards in them.  And most of the smaller packs had "treats" that weren't really age-appropriate for B's class.  We finally spotted boxes of those conversational hearts that came in four packs--two packs and he was done :p 

The boys sat at the kitchen table and started filling out their valentine's.  I was writing B's name in the "from" line and he really wanted to help so I handed him a pen and showed him the "to" line and he oh-so-carefully drew little circles and squiggly lines in the "to" spot :)  It was so darn cute :D  He concentrated really hard and was so proud to be writing messages to his fwends. 

Now, his party wasn't until Thursday but he was so excited to bring his valentine's in that he wanted to bring them in right away on Tuesday.  I reminded him that he didn't need them until Thursday and he got very worried that we might forget to bring them on Thursday :p  So we packaged them up in a paper lunch sack and marked them for Thursday and he brought them to school on Tuesday so Miss K could have them ready to go on Thursday.  All he talks about is giving his van-tines to his fwends on Tursdey.  Hee!  I can't wait to hear all about it after school tomorrow :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It is already Wednesday and we've had school every day this week!!  It was COLD this morning, -5 when we left for the school run, but it was warm enough that no one was cancelled :p

The weather really was strange this morning--it was very foggy and every time I drove through a thick patch of fog, it would freeze on my windshield.  I have never had that one happen before!  It was an absolutely beautiful drive, though--all of the trees and bushes are covered with a layer of sparkly frozen snow & ice--if I had been a passenger instead of the driver, I would have taken many photographs and filled this post with them :)  This is the kind of morning that, before kids, I would have bundled up and gone for a walk in the woods and thought about Robert Frost as I hiked my way through the snowy woods.  :)  I think the Littles might protest a cold hike through quiet woods, though ;)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Iz was approved for her speech therapy :)  We start on Monday!  We could have done one session this week but I already have something scheduled so we will have to wait for her "regular" appointments, Monday and Thursday.  It kind of makes me sigh, though, that we will spend more time driving there than the actual appointment :p 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dear Sickness, GO AWAY

Well, the Littles are still fighting this stomach bug.  I am wondering if its another case of rotavirus--when Iz was hospitalized with it last year, it followed this same pattern of being okay for a day and then throwing up again.  I think we are coming up on the end of it, though, as the last episode was mild and a few days ago.  Best of all, though, was the fact that we had NO HOSPITAL STAY!!!  WooHoo!!