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Friday, February 28, 2014

Miss Emmy say Too-Nah!

So far in Speech Therapy, Iz hides. Under the table, behind me, always something between her and the therapist.  She eventually comes out and will watch what Miss Emily does but Iz will NOT participate in the formal section of therapy.  Now, when Miss Emily gets out a toy she likes, she will go over and play and she will talk a little bit but usually clams up again when Miss Emily tries to interact with her.

Yesterday, we were practicing our speech homework and Iz really loved practicing the word tuna :)  I reminded her we were going to see Miss Emily and asked her if she was going to show Miss Emily how good she was at saying tuna and doing the hand gestures (touching her index finger to her lip to feel the tuh from the t and then holding her finger against her nose to feel the vibrations from the n) and Iz said YES!  She then danced around singing Miss Emmy say too-nah.  It was adorable.  And I was hopeful we'd get some actual participation out of her later at therapy.

Nope :p  She was still excited right up until we walked through the door.  She went straight to the table and crawled under it.  I'm not sure whether to sigh or laugh ;)  But that's OK.  Miss Emily says some kids take a few weeks to settle in and the fact that Iz is starting to participate at home is great :)