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Monday, March 3, 2014

Our Continuing Adventures in Speech Therapy

Iz has been doing well with her therapy homework over the weekend.  She has tried her best to copy the hand movements and sounds and she was trying to teach her brothers how to do it, too :)  She also has been correcting me!  I wasn't paying close enough attention this morning and I made the gesture for the K sound instead of W and she told me "no no no!  Dis!" and then made the correct W gesture :p 

Things looked promising when we got to therapy.  She lowered her head and looked at the floor with Miss Emily spoke to her but instead of crawling under the table when we got to the room, she hung her coat up on the door knob, took off her boots and lined them up next to the door, picked out a chair at the table and sat down.  She still wouldn't participate at first but eventually she gave some shrugs and grunts and fed the flash cards to the toy alligator :p  We did get a few words when it came time for free play--she wanted that house down! 

She's making some progress as far as participating in class and she is doing well at home.  Miss Emily gave us some new cards to do at home, too, and we learned a couple of new sound gestures to work on.  We don't really use the cards at home--when I pull them out, she clams up.  But I'll flip through them to remind myself which words/sounds we are working on, and then just casually do them with her and then she also sometimes picks out words on her own that fit in with what we are doing (her favorite was adding Piper whenever we practice the word kitty).  Most of her speech practice comes before nap time.  I lay down with her and we run through our list of words and then do her favorites multiple times while she is settling down and drifting off :)  She also likes to do them in the car but we can't do the gestures then :p