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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Field Trip!

A little while back, Iz's EI  group had a field trip to a local sporting goods store.  They had a tour guide who told some stories of some of the animals on display and let them feed the fish in the pond.  We have been to this store many many times--the kids' dad kinda loves this place :p  And their favorite part is the giant aquariums :)  Normally B can't go to playgroup but since it was a field trip, siblings not in school were welcome to come so off we went!

B was very vocal about wanting his picture taken with the elephant so he gave me a big ole cheesy grin:

Iz decided she wanted a "pitter, mama!" but she would not hold still so you get slightly blurry Iz :p

Later that night, Iz found some new glasses to wear and she had a blast trying to figure out how to make them stay on her face LOL  (They belong to Mr. Potato Head).  She kept saying she had glasses like me and S :p  She was also in a mood to show off her zipper--it is looking really good!  She seems to have lost most of the sensitivity around it and doesn't mind having it touched most of the time.  She is still very hesitant to let doctors and stethoscopes near the scar but normal everyday stuff doesn't seem to bother her anymore :)