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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our EEG was today....

...and the Little Miss hated it. 

She was actually excited to go to the hospital.  We've been talking about this appointment for days, S has been telling her about his EEG so she'd know what to expect and not be scared, and the last few days she has been asking if it is "hosperry day".  And then we walked into registration and poor kid just sorta shut down :\  Stared at the floor, wouldn't look at anyone, the "doctor mode".

For some reason, outpatient registration was closed today and a sharpie on cardboard sign told us to go to Imaging on the second floor to register.  Now, I don't know how many of remember this but the second floor is the surgical floor.  The floor where I had to hand over all three of my babies for four different surgeries (some major, like OHS, some minor, like ear tubes) over the last two years.  FOUR.  And the minor ones were as scary as Izzy's OHS, just in a different way, if that makes sense.  Whenever there is sedation and they list "death" as a potential risk, it is scary :|  Normally when I need to go to the second floor, I'm prepared for it.  I have time to think it over, to process, to be mentally ready to step off that elevator.  Caught me by surprise today. 

Iz perked up when we walked out of registration because we were heading for the elevators and that meant buttons to push.  I was thinking this would be no big deal, we had been back to the second floor lots of times, and then the elevator door opened and all the sights and sounds and smells rushed in and yep, not prepared at all.  We made it through, though, and got registered and were on our way back up the elevator to the EEG lab.

The lady doing the EEG was really good with Iz :)  She let Iz relax and get comfortable, play with some of the stuff, look around.  She had this little card with a kid drawn on it and it had velcro along the forehead--teensy tiny EEG wires were hanging off the card with velcro on the ends and you could stick them onto the kid's forehead :p  Iz LOVED playing with it.  Unfortunately, all she wanted to do was play and dance and bop around and they needed her to be still :\  So she had to be swaddled (the lady called it bundled but it was swaddling with a big sheet instead of a baby blanket :p) and taped down to the bed.  She looked like she was in a little cocoon.  And she was miserable--she did NOT like being restrained at all.  But at least it was mad Iz rather than scared Iz?  She didn't act scared, just mad that she was being held still.  The lady got her all hooked up and Iz quieted down and watched Mickey Mouse. 

Towards the end, though, Iz got mad all over again and managed to get her arm out :p  Apparently that was a first for the ladies working that day and a couple of them stopped by to say hello to Houdini LOL  Iz insisted that I hold the hand she had worked out of her cocoon and finished her cartoon.  And she took some selfies with her free hand (I held my camera for her) but gosh, she looks so miserable in them.  I think she was cussing the lady out in whatever passes for cussing in toddler world ;)

As soon as the tape was cut and she could move around, she tried to settle in and keep watching cartoons.  Little imp.  The lady also gave her a purple wooden hippo with wheels so she left a happy kid and ready to go back again.  I, however, would be glad to skip any more EEGs and am hoping all looks good with this one so we don't have to do the longer one!

We also heard back from MRI and we are on the books for April 8th.