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Monday, March 10, 2014

Our last speech session went a little better.  Iz went in, took off her coat and boots and put them away, picked out her chair, and responded when Miss Emily asked her if she wanted to get the house down first.  We had a little talking/sounds out of her while they furnished the house but not a whole lot.  Then they read a book, again with minimal response out of Iz but at least there was some response ;)  When it was time to go, Iz ran over to the box of cards (which they normally do first but hadn't gotten to that day) and asked to do them.  Ha!  One reason Miss Emily didn't start with them is because she was trying to find something that will get Iz talking and practicing and she never makes a sound during cards :p  We are thinking about making her sessions fifteen minutes longer to see if a little extra time will help her get comfortable and maybe participate a little since she tends to be more vocal at the very end.

I'm not sure if we will be going to speech today, though.  Iz has a neurology appointment and I'm not positive if she will be out before speech starts  (and if she is out of neurology on time, will we have time to get to speech.  They are in two different buildings--same campus but still takes a little time to get from one to the other).