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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hello, Wednesday!

Wednesday is Izzy's Early Intervention Playgroup. She loves Playgroup.  All week she talks about Playgroup.  She asks every morning if she is going to "skool" today (her playgroup is held in the same building as B's preschool, just a few doors down from his classroom).  She talks about the people she is going to see, particularly another little girl just a few months younger, Emma.  Izzy loves Emma about as much as she loves playgroup :)  However, once we arrive?  Iz wants nothing to do with anyone.  She won't talk to anyone, won't look at anyone, if someone (child or adult) tries to join her in play, she walks away and does something else.


She has little moments of sociability, though, so at least we are moving in the right direction :)  She voluntarily engaged one of the teachers in some pretend play (she poured her a pretend glass of milk and then left the play area).  She interacted with Emma and another little boy briefly over some toys (and then walked away).  She danced a little bit during the song at circle time (normally she stands or sits and just stares).  And she even did a few of the hand movements for one of the songs (again, typically she just stares). 

Once we left the school and were in the parking lot, she chattered up a storm and talked about the fun she had had LOL  One of the teachers today asked me if she was upset because she looked mad most of the time and I said, nope, that's just her default face lately.