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Monday, March 17, 2014


Once again, Iz was excited to go to speech therapy.  She talked about doing words with Miss Emily, playing with Miss Emily, having fun with Miss Emily.  And then we arrived.

She goes in, hangs up her coats, puts her shoes next to the door, settles down on the floor where they normally play.....and then refuses to talk or make eye contact with Miss Emily :p  They read books today and Iz started warming up fairly quickly.  She didn't talk but she did point at the pictures to answer questions.  Emily would ask if a character was happy or sad and Iz would point to their smile. 

At one point, Iz hid behind Emily and was giggling--she was initiating play, which is a big step for her.  They played for a few moments and went back to reading.  Iz started talking a little tiny bit and before we knew it, it was time to go and Iz was using her words to ask Emily to get down the house, please.  Poor little bug!  She finally gets a sentence out and we have to say no because it is time to go.  Hopefully on Thursday she remembers that its ok to use her words and we have a good session with some house playing :)

Tomorrow is Izzy's EEG.  I sure do hope she cooperates :p