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Friday, March 21, 2014

A call from neurology & Iz talks to her speech therapist

So neurology called today with the results from the EEG.  The LPN we saw at our last appointment was the one to call and when she said the results were abnormal, I told her I had thought they would be based on the reactions of the woman doing the test as she watched the monitors.  I mean, when she is leaning back watching the screen and suddenly sits straight up and stares intently at the screen and starts asking questions about recent head injuries (there haven't been any major ones.  Just the normal bumps on the head Iz gets almost daily from the falling and walking into things.  One of the reasons I was given a referral to neurology and why neuro sent her to EEG), you kinda figure something is up and what she is seeing on the screen is not what they want to see on the screen :\  So it really wasn't news to me that the results weren't fine, although I had still been hoping I was wrong. 

At this point, they know she has unusual activity in the right side and the background waves are slow.  Based on the area, it could be cause seizures but that short EEG didn't pick up any seizure activity.  This could be a structural problem, perhaps something she was born with, but we won't know anything for sure until more tests are run.  The neurologist looked over her results, went over the LPN's notes from our last visit and Izzy's file (they pull everything in neuro so they have her notes from genetics and speech and basically anything submitted into the computer system) and he doesn't think it is something that needs immediate attention or medication so for now we just wait for our tests.  The MRI is already booked for April 8th and he is fine with that time frame.  They are contacting our insurance to get an overnight EEG approved and as soon as they get the okay, they will call to schedule.  Two adults have to be there with her, though, because she will be allowed to move around and we have to make sure she doesn't pull the leads off her head so someone has to be watching her all the time, even when she is asleep.  I am really really hoping they have an opening to do it the week her Dad is here from North Dakota for a visit because I'm not sure who else I could get to go with me :p  Most of the time I can juggle all this medical stuff alone but there are days that having a husband working in another state just doesn't work for me anymore :p  We'll figure it out, somehow, right?

Okay, on to happier news!  Iz talked to her speech therapist!!  She and I were sitting in the waiting room "reading" a book together--there was a big storybook of cartoon shows from my childhood on the table so we were looking through it and the stories were too long for her to follow so we were flipping pages and talking about what she saw on each one and what she thought was happening :)  When Miss Emily came up to get us, Iz jumped right up and headed for the room :)  She took her coat off and put it and her shoes away and was ready to go.  She even made eye contact instead of looking at the floor!

At first, she was just pointing at things but she was interacting with Emily so that was a big improvement but it didn't actually take long for her to start talking.  They played with toys and read a book together and Iz had a good time :)  She has become very resistant to doing any formal speech practice at home and I was telling Emily I sneak it in when we are just doing normal activities--sometimes I can use the words Emily gave us to work with, sometimes I use new ones that match the cvcv pattern we are working on that fit in with what we are doing.  The closest we get to formal now is when I work with B on her words--he thinks it is so much fun to do and she will come running to do it with him, just not if I do it every day.  So every couple of days B and I will start doing words and she will come join in. 

She's a stubborn one :p