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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Neurology Follow-up

Iz had the appointment right after the office lunch hour so I tried to time it to get there right at one so we wouldn't have to wait too long.  We got our timing right but the office staff was a little late getting back :p  Iz remembered being there and was impatient to get inside and kept peering through their windows.  She did not want to wait in the waiting room across the hall like we did last time so we walked up and down the halls and looked at the artwork on the walls.  This particular hallway had an animal theme :)

When the office opened, we went back right away.  Last time we had a room where the bed was a fire engine but this time we got the regular room.  She didn't mind, though, because toys!

We were seeing the LPN this time (her neurologist is on vacation) just to check up on her progress.  Last time Dr. W and I had discussed an MRI--he wanted to hold off because nothing jumped out at him neurologically that couldn't possibly be just her development and he wanted to give her time to make some progress on her own.  However, she really isn't any further ahead than where she was back in November when we first saw him.  The LPN did get her to talk a little by bribing her with a cool fish toy to play with and she was able to hear that the majority of Iz's long speech is babble.  We talked some more about her falling and walking into things and how it goes in cycles--sometimes it rarely happens and then it will happen all the time (which is the part of the cycle we are in right now). 

Just to be safe, the LPN referred her to get a routine EEG.  My family has a history of epilepsy and since most of Iz's falls are unexplained (she'll be sitting on a chair and just fall off for no apparent reason), she wants to check for seizures.  The EEG may not show anything since some seizure activity doesn't show up unless they are actively happening but its a place to start and once we get the results, Dr. W can decide if he wants a 24 hour EEG.

She also went ahead and is setting up the MRI.  Dr. W wanted to wait and see if she is making progress but she isn't so MRI it is.  I hate the thought of sedation but if something is going on, I want to know.  And while he doesn't see anything major, but he and the LPN have that little niggling doubt in their minds that say something could be happening.  So fingers crossed that all is well but either way, at least we'll know.

Once the LPN was done, Iz did not want to give the fish back :p  She sure did love that fish!  She agreed that he could go back to the LPN's bag for a nap after she took some pictures with it.  Some I took, others I held the phone and she pushed the button--I have a lot of Iz & fish selfies on my phone LOL

And what trip to the doctor's office isn't complete without snooping in drawers?