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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Giant Dilated Eyes

Izzy has been off her meds for about six months now so I figured it was about time she had an eye exam.  After all, between heart failure and bypass and the ventilator, she has extra risk factors and I'd rather catch problems early.  Plus, she randomly gets a droopy eyelid--ten minutes later and its back to normal but I wanted to get her checked.
Izzy did AWESOME at her appointment. She was calm and cooperative and she turned on the cuteness.  The techs and Dr were amazed at how great she did :)  Even the drops to dilate her pupils did not phase her :p
Dr. S could immediately see that Izzy has astigmatism.  She says it is genetic and both S and I have it.  One more thing the kids can thank me for :p
Dr. S also said that at this age, kids are farsighted (or did she say nearsighted and I am remembering incorrectly? Anyone know?) and as their eyes grow, their vision becomes normal.  Right now, Iz is neither farsighted nor nearsighted.  As her eyes grow, she will become nearsighted. Sorry kid.  You got our bad eye genes!
The doc said the droopy eye could be a complication that developed from the OHS--she has seen it in her patients that have had OHS.  If that is the cause, it is harmless and sometimes clears up over time.  The other, less likely, cause is an autoimmune condition that would be treated with medication.  Since Iz did not have a droopy eyelid during the appointment, she couldn't really check it out since Iz was already dilated. So I am to keep an eye on it and try to get pictures of her episodes. If it gets worse before her six month checkup, they will move up her appointment.
And finally, a picture of her giant dilated pupils after we got home: