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Friday, February 8, 2013

My alien child.....

Snow-wise, we haven't fared too badly in my little corner of the world--I can still see bits of grass poking through so it can't be all that deep :p  But I have heard the roads are terrible (probably because of all that slush that fell as rain turned to snow) and that there is a lot more snow north and south of us.  The local station I check for school closings lists over 600 schools closed (not districts--they count individual schools).  S's school almost never has snow days because there is no bus service and most of the students are driven in from the same town the school is in.  I can remember at least once when I called him in told the school I was declaring a snow day because the roads between us and them were too bad :p  However, today his school is closed due to weather.  He is very very very upset.

My child is an alien or something.  What kid doesn't want a snow day?

In other news, The Sick seems to be vacating our house albeit slowly.  The boys are both feeling pretty good and Izzy just has an occasional cough.  I seem to be the lingerer as I am still coughing quite a bit but the antibiotics did their job on my sinus infection and at least I can breathe again :D  I may even brave the great outdoors today and get the kids out in the snow.  Maybe.  We'll see how the cough does today.