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Monday, September 19, 2016

Week Two of one kid in the morning

It is so quiet here in the mornings with only Baby W in the house.  I had grand plans to be productive while I had a quiet house but on the first day of Week Two, Baby W and I took a nap :p  So  much for productive!

Saturday, September 17, 2016


**At Baby W's most recent GI appointment, he was able to lower his reflux meds and he's all the way up to the 6th percentile on the growth chart :)  He outgrew his newborn clothes but can still wear 0-3 months--its funny seeing a Timehop picture pop up for last year in the same outfit he's wearing that day :p

**Iz has finally started preschool.  She was so excited the first day until we walked in the door of the school.  Then she was a bundle of anxiety and fear but the teacher held her hand and coaxed her back to the classroom and the rest of the week went rather smoothly.  She says it is fun and has even learned a few kids' names

**My busy little B has done so well transitioning back into the school routine that they are ready to start his transition into a regular classroom again.  Like last year, he will attend for an hour in the morning at the local school and then return to his program for the rest of the day.