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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vantines for my fwends!

On Monday, I took S to pick out Valentine's Day cards to make out for his class.  While we were there, we picked something out for B as well.  There are only 8 students in B's class so many of the packets had wayyyyy too many cards in them.  And most of the smaller packs had "treats" that weren't really age-appropriate for B's class.  We finally spotted boxes of those conversational hearts that came in four packs--two packs and he was done :p 

The boys sat at the kitchen table and started filling out their valentine's.  I was writing B's name in the "from" line and he really wanted to help so I handed him a pen and showed him the "to" line and he oh-so-carefully drew little circles and squiggly lines in the "to" spot :)  It was so darn cute :D  He concentrated really hard and was so proud to be writing messages to his fwends. 

Now, his party wasn't until Thursday but he was so excited to bring his valentine's in that he wanted to bring them in right away on Tuesday.  I reminded him that he didn't need them until Thursday and he got very worried that we might forget to bring them on Thursday :p  So we packaged them up in a paper lunch sack and marked them for Thursday and he brought them to school on Tuesday so Miss K could have them ready to go on Thursday.  All he talks about is giving his van-tines to his fwends on Tursdey.  Hee!  I can't wait to hear all about it after school tomorrow :)