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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It is already Wednesday and we've had school every day this week!!  It was COLD this morning, -5 when we left for the school run, but it was warm enough that no one was cancelled :p

The weather really was strange this morning--it was very foggy and every time I drove through a thick patch of fog, it would freeze on my windshield.  I have never had that one happen before!  It was an absolutely beautiful drive, though--all of the trees and bushes are covered with a layer of sparkly frozen snow & ice--if I had been a passenger instead of the driver, I would have taken many photographs and filled this post with them :)  This is the kind of morning that, before kids, I would have bundled up and gone for a walk in the woods and thought about Robert Frost as I hiked my way through the snowy woods.  :)  I think the Littles might protest a cold hike through quiet woods, though ;)