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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Izzy and her House

So far, Izzy is so not into speech therapy.  She's feeling really shy and anxious with this new lady and doesn't really participate at all.  Iz grunts at Miss E and hides from her, either under the table or behind me, but does eventually emerge and grudgingly participates a little bit.  However, when it is time to get out some toys for some free play, Iz LOVES the Little People house :)  Its an older one, red, with lots of accessories, and Iz opened right up and chatted up a storm to Miss E, telling her all about the family and what they were doing, and what they liked.  While she still isn't participating in the actual speech exercises, she is getting more comfortable and getting down the routines.  Hopefully in the next week or two she really starts working on things :p

Over the weekend, we took advantage of Target's 20% Little People Cartwheel offer and went in search of a house.  Iz was hoping for purple or blue but pink was all they had but she's still happy because it comes with a purple car for the family ;-)
Pretty much the whole weekend has been spent playing with this house and the people it came with and the few random Little People pets/farmer we have around the house.  Bob the Builder and a Smurf also live here =D  Now if only I could get the Busy Little B to stop declaring the house is just his and banning Iz from playing with it......