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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The cast is off!

Yesterday, S had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.  He was so nervous going in!  They took his cast off and then did some x-rays--you can still see the fracture in the bones but you can also see where they are knitting back together.  Because of the titanium rods in his bones, the rest of the healing can be done cast-free so they didn't need to put a new cast on :)  S isn't sure whether to be happy or scared, though, because now he doesn't have the security of the cast!  He has to still take it easy for the next two weeks and then he can do more "normal" things.

He was scared to have the Dr pull off the steri strips from his incisions (two small ones at his wrist where they inserted the rods and a long one on his arm where they had to go in and repair the calcified bump on his bone from the last break--it was preventing the rod from going in) so the Dr told him he could let them work themselves loose in the bath.  We got home and he took a long bath and later that evening the steri strips came off.  He had a scab over one of the small incisions and it came off at some point last night.

He wasn't feeling that great yesterday and was running a fever by bedtime so he stayed home from school again today.  Early afternoon, he comes to me, freaking out about his arm--I look and where the scab came off last night there is a knotted piece of what looks like fishing line sticking out of his  arm.  It was apparently tucked in under the healing scab and pushed its way out today.  It is kinda gross LOL  S insisted we put a bandaid over it so it doesn't get caught on anything while we wait for word from the doc on what our next move is (we got the office voicemail and are waiting for a call back).

He started feeling better but his fever creeped up again towards bedtime so I dunno if school is in the cards tomorrow.