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Monday, January 14, 2013

Today we took the kids to a local mall with an indoor play area.  It was perfect for Iz :)  All of the little tunnels and slides and bridges and things were not too easy or too hard for her, if that makes sense.  Most of them were a challenge for her, but not so hard that she couldn't get it with some effort.  S and B were old pros at everything and spent their time burning off energy.  Little Iz would stand back and watch, carefully observing everything they and the other kids did and then she would giggle and clap her hands and jump up and down in the cute lil kid way where their feet never actually leave the ground :p  And then she would attempt to do it, too.

The funniest one was this little tunnel--it was too short for her to walk through normally but tall enough that she didn't have to get down and crawl.  So she would crouch down, crab step forward, attempt to stand up, bump her head.  Crouch down, crab step, stand up, hit head.  Over and over through the whole (albeit short) tunnel.  After a couple tries she figured out the bending slightly over and walking through thing but it was hilarious to watch her figure it out :P

Her other big conquest was the slide--it was shaped like a tree and on one side were little steps, then you go through a little tunnel though the tree and down a bumpy slide.  It was a few feet up so she came to get me her first try.  I held her hands and helped her maneuver the steps (she climbed her very first steps yesterday so she is still a newbie at it) and then helped her sit and scoot forward until she could slide down.  I was afraid the bumps would scare her but she thought they were hilarious.  She tried it on her own the next time and made it all the way up in the tunnel before forgetting how to sit and scoot :)  But once I helped her, she had a grand time going down the bumpy slide again :)

Both S and B very much want to go back.  While it is a little on the babyish side for them, S told me that playing is more fun if Izzy can come, too, and the other places we go for indoor playing are too much for her.  So they want to go to the baby playground so she can play with them.  I have some pretty darn sweet kids.