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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Last night, S spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa--I figured I had to take advantage of only having two kids underfoot and decided to get my grocery shopping done :p  B gets very excited when it is just him and Izzy at the store because he gets to walk beside the cart and "help" me :p  Unfortunately, if he and S are together, they bicker over who gets to stand where and who gets to help get what and one of them, usually B, gets stuck sitting in the basket.  And it is usually B, not because he is younger, but because he is the more stubborn and won't cut it out when I tell him to :p  Anyhoo, the two Littles aren't so bad together at the store so we got ourselves ready.  Izzy really wanted to wear her flower shoes and it wasn't until after I put them on that I realized her sock\shoe combo matched the stripes on her shirt LOL  She was quite pleased with her outfit and refused to take her shoes off for most of the day--very unusual for her since she normally whips her shoes off every chance she gets :p

B could care less about shoes or matching--he is usually just grumpy that I made him wear clothes ;)  But I thought they were looking pretty darn cute :p

B is pretending to take a picture of me with his "camera".  I think it is a piece of the newspaper Izzy had such fun destroying earlier (you can still seem remnants of it by their feet LOL).

B had lots of fun at the store--he helped me pick stuff out, put it in the cart, asked for a million things and did not throw a fit when I said no, said HI to lots of people, etc ;-)  He even picked out some produce and at lunch later he willingly ate the cucumber he picked out.  Not a lot but there was no prompting, no telling him he must eat at least one bite.  It was nice.  Now let's hope tomorrow he remembers he also picked out the broccoli I will be serving........