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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Poor Kiddo

Poor Iz, she's just been having a rough month that is turning into a rough two months!  One of the highlights of her week is her Thursday morning early intervention playgroup.  She loves going, even if she doesn't like interacting with the other kids (she's getting better, though.  Last year she didn't make a sound, this year she's been talking to me and recently talking a little to some of the other adults.  And instead of leaving the station immediately when another kid approaches, she will stay some of the time and play near another kid.  No interacting, though, if they try, she goes :p).  Beginning of March, she was too sick to go.  The next week there was no group.  Then following week she was sick again and couldn't go.  She was overjoyed to go today!  And then the next two weeks, no group because of Easter and spring break.  She is going to be so mad at me the next two weeks for not taking her :p