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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Baby W had another feeding therapy appointment today for the NMES therapy.  They put electrodes on his neck and it delivers a small current to stimulate the muscles while he eats/drinks.  It is similar to the machine they used on my knee many years ago as part of my physical therapy (come to think of it, I had it on my wrist even more years back from that).  I think if I hadn't had similar therapy myself, I'd be nervous about this but when I did it, it was rather pleasant as long as they amp it up slowly and don't go too high.  The SLPs working with W pay close attention and if shows signs that he's aware its gone up, they dial it back down.  He's comfortable and he likes the bigger variety of foods they bring.  He's now a big fan of those veggie stick things and corn puffs.

The biggest problem we have during feeding therapy is Iz!  She feels very comfortable with the SLPs and she remembers speech therapy as fun so she thinks the appointments should be all about her.  Negative attention is still attention so she's been acting up trying to get the attention back on herself.  She really wants the SLPs to focus on her and do activities with her.  I set her up at the table with W with a snack and eating with him keeps her occupied for a short time but his therapy is 30-45 minutes and it does NOT take her that long to have a snack :\  Today's SLP did get out some "therapy toys" and that made Iz happy and she played (mostly) quietly at the table for a while.  Perhaps once the newness wears off it will be calmer.