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Friday, July 28, 2017

W update

We went on a trip and it just threw everything off :p

W is making good progress in speech therapy--he even put together two words independently (more water) instead of just repeating phrasing he's heard us use often.

OT is also going well--a little too well, in fact, because his fine motor skills have progressed to the point he can get my gate at the top of the stairs open :\

Our PT is at a bit of a loss, though--W continues to be all over the place in balance and coordination, some days he does so well and other days he's constantly falling and running into things.  The neurologist did a bunch of testing and nothing turned up.  She thinks he might be having some migraine activity that is effecting balance, coordination, speech, etc instead of causing pain so we've started him on a daily migraine medication.  So far, it does seem to help as his periods of unsteadiness are shorter and further apart.

He turned two recently and seems to be determined to show is he is most definitely two with the stubbornness and the "I do it myself" attitude LOL