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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A few extra minutes

Today, we had a little bit of time between dropping S off at school and an appointment.  Most of the time, we just wait in the car if we don't have very long because it can take so long to get the Littles out of their carseats and then back in again :p  It was a beautiful morning, though, so we braved it and got a little walk down to the pier and back :)

They love these floating piers :)  Some of them are very "bouncy" but, alas, this one was not.  The walkway out was bouncy but the pier itself was anchored pretty well.  Another park we frequent has a pier that is really bouncy so we need to make our way out there soon!

I believe this was Izzy's first time to walk on one of the piers.  Last year, she was usually in her stroller when we went by one and our normal parks hadn't had theirs out yet when we've been there. When she's excited, she dances :D

He was excited when he realized he could see across the lake to the other side.  Most of the time, we park over there and walk one of the other trails but I specifically went for the piers today because its a short walk and they haven't been out on any piers this year :)

We made it back to our car, got buckled in, and drove to our appointment with just minutes to spare :)  Perfect timing!

After we got B on the bus, Izzy decided it was rest time: