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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oh, the changes a week can bring :)

It has been one week since our neurology appointment where the doc put her on meds for epilepsy. At the time, he said he couldn't say it was seizures 100% because her EEG didn't catch an episode. But based on the abnormal activity caught on the EEG and her symptoms, he was pretty sure she was seizing. He said if we start the meds and her symptoms begin to disappear, we'll know for sure it was seizures. The difference in Izzy is amazing. She no longer randomly falls--when she does fall, its because she tripped and those little hands come out to catch herself and she no longer injures her face/head. She doesn't have "blank" moments. She doesn't walk into walls or door frames or furniture. She sleeps better. She talks more and more clearly. Her comprehension levels have gone up. Her mood has improved--overall she is happier, more coordinated, and more vocal.