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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Yearly cardio visit!

Izzy had her yearly cardio visit last week. There were some very heavy rains the night before so there was a lot of flooding and getting to the hospital was a bit of an adventure!  When we finally got there, parts of the hospital, including the parking garage, had been flooded and were being cleaned up and dried out.  We were sent up the road a bit to park and then shuttled to and from the hospital--I'm pretty sure the shuttling was Izzy's favorite part :)

Izzy went silent during the appointment and spent most of the time either staring at the floor or hiding her eyes. However, she was mostly cooperative and did respond with head shakes and nods and didn't hide under any chairs or tables ;-)  She didn't completely shut down so it's an improvement!

Her echo looks great so we have clearance for another year.