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Friday, July 25, 2014

B has a heart murmur

Today was B's first cardiologist visit.  He's been having some minor symptoms that could be linked to CHD (and that could also be many other things) and combining that with our family history (two siblings with CHD and a great uncle that died a week after birth), he got a referral to be checked out at the cardiology clinic that diagnosed S.

He did fantastic :)  He was very cooperative and followed directions really well.  His EKG was normal but the cardio wanted an echo as well because Iz and S both had CHD.  It turns out that B has a heart murmur--first I've heard about it!  But his echo went beautifully and they got many really clear pictures that show no defects :)  Our tech was very thorough and it took a long time but they wanted to be really sure he was okay!  So his murmur is being classified as an innocent murmur and he does not need follow-up care and it shouldn't effect him at all.

I was hoping for everything being normal but I'll take an innocent murmur over a more serious diagnosis :)