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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Would you like to Facetime?

Today was Izzy's therapy day. She has been looking forward to it and talking about it for days--she really does like her therapist.  But, man, the moment we go through the doors to the building, she just shuts down.  She loosened up a little in the waiting room and even talked to me a bit about what she thought we were going to do but as soon as Miss S appeared, she was full-on throwing a fit about NOT GOING IN.  *sigh*  She loves therapy but she gets so anxious :\

We tried something new today and Miss S used Facetime.  Izzy thought this was the funniest and silliest thing ever because we were sitting across the table and using Facetime :p  But she did loosen up and by the third Facetime call, she was actually talking on it, which is kind of big for her.  Now, she typically will talk on the regular phone just fine but once we use Facetime, she takes a while to warm up which I think is probably really hard on her Dad.  He lives in North Dakota for work and without internet where he lives, he has to find time to go to the local coffee shop before they close (middle of nowhere means they close early, often before he's done with work).  It doesn't happen as often as he'd like and when he does call, she takes so long to warm up he doesn't get to talk to her too much :(  And the boys have the attention spans of gnats so when he calls/Facetimes, they blurt out everything in a few seconds and then get distracted and wander off......

Miss S is hoping to get her more comfortable with Facetime so her anxiety won't keep her from talking to her Dad!  She does like talking to him on the phone, though, so at least they have that.  He'd like to see her as they talk, though, and I'm betting she does, too, since she talks up a storm about Facetiming after we hang up.  Poor kid is sometimes crippled by that anxiety :\