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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More referrals!!

My busy little B had his yearly checkup today and he was having a good day :)  He was cooperative and talkative and his pediatrician was so pleased with the progress he's made from when she first met him.  Those two years of special ed preschool have done wonders for him.  There is still plenty to work on, though, but she is also feeling hopeful about things because Dr. B (neuropsych) has made more progress on diagnosing him so he can get therapy in the last few months than I've been able to do in the last three years.  You get the right team and you finally start getting somewhere!

One thing we talked about is his excessive sweating.  You look at him wrong and he sweats.  His teacher often has to change his clothes at school because he is soaked.  Everyone else will be fine and he will be bright red and dripping.  When he was younger, it was bad but not quite this bad.  It has a fancy name, hyperhydrosis, and our first step if seeing if it is just "normal" for him or has a medical reason is to send him over to cardiology.  I wanted him evaluated by cardiology anyway, just in case, so two birds and all that, right?

I also brought up sending him over to neurology and she said she was going to ask us to go so she and I are on the same page there :)  B used to have the same symptoms as Iz that led to her epilepsy diagnosis and while it doesn't happen as often to him, I still see some of those things.  And Dr. M (pediatrician) said sometimes the extreme meltdowns and sudden end of them are actually seizure behavior.  So we'll have him checked over and see what happens.

Progress :)