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Monday, July 14, 2014

Water parks are fun! Until you freeze.....

Last week was S's birthday and one of his presents was an afternoon fun with his aunt.  They went to a waterpark and had dinner together and she and I thought they would spend hours at the waterpark.  It was a very hot and muggy day so the cool water would feel great.  He tends to get very cold in water so the hot weather would keep him warmed up so he could have fun.

Nope.  They were there for a very short time.  While everyone else was sweating, my poor boy started to turn blue from cold.  I  used to think his inability to handle very hot and cold was because he's such a skinny little thing but Izzy is a solid little girl now and she also can't handle extremes.  Makes me wonder if the (now closed) CHD cardio discovered a few months back is actually the culprit.  He still had fun, though, and went on his favorite tube slide multiple times and has been talking about it nonstop :)  He is hoping she'll give him a trip to the waterpark next year, too!