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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

And the other kids have discovered their favorite day!

Physical Therapy day!  We met Miss C at the kids' favorite park.  She said she's lived and worked in this area for a really long time and didn't know the park was there.  It was a good one to do PT at because there were several activities for  him to do to work on his goals and the three older kids had plenty to keep them occupied as well.  We arrived fifteen minutes early and W had worked out some of his energy so he was more focused on what Miss C wanted from him.

Miss C told us about another park near our house that we didn't know about with a good playset and a splash pad.  I bet we'll get plenty of use out of that one over the summer!

Miss Iz was supposed to see her GI after PT but we got the call that Dr N had a family emergency so we had to reschedule for August.

Miss Iz had her PT session in the afternoon and it was a little rough.  She was just so over all the exercises and activities.  Miss N got her attention by promising to show her something new if she did her work and that got her motivated and she got to try out two new exercises (rocket ship and dolphin).   Dolphin was too difficult but she had fun with rocket ship.  Miss N and I are thinking the last few sessions have been more difficult because she's getting bored with doing the same few things over and over.  There's not a great deal of wiggle room in what she can do but maybe if we change up the routines just a bit we can get her attention and cooperation back.