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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

PT times two

Now that Miss Iz is out of preschool, she gets to be there at all of W's appointments this week.  First up is PT.  Now that the weather is nicer, we are meeting at parks to take advantage of all the equipment and the sunshine.  I picked one of Iz's favorite parks hoping that she'd be occupied with playing and not need (want?) to attempt to monopolize Miss C's time.  NOPE.  She was distracted briefly with playing but soon she was vying for attention and when she didn't get it she stomped back to the van and sat inside the rest of the session *sigh* I sure to hope it gets easier :p

After W's PT we ran some errands--this restored Miss Iz's good mood as she likes running errands.  We stopped at home to have some lunch and then off we went to Miss Iz's PT.  She was excited to go and then once we were there she was surly and uncooperative.  Miss N was very patient and managed to get Iz to get back on track and we made it through the session but man, was it a rough day!