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Monday, August 2, 2010

Financial Tweaking

Back when we were a two income household, we signed up for satellite tv.  We'd gotten a good deal based on prices at the time and weren't too worried about the extra money to have it.  And it was fun being able to pull up the Discovery Channel or SyFy anytime we wanted.  Once we went down to one income, it was a bit of a stretch to pay that bill every month but still not too bad--until our introductory period ended and the bill almost doubled.

Now, if you read any money-saving tips or frugal blogs, most of them will advise you to shut off the tv service and save the money.  Sounds good in theory but if you are still under contract, you could be paying hundreds of dollars to shut it off.  Which can be worth it in the long-run but your checking account will certainly take an immediate hit and what happens if you decide the extra money each month is worth it as a treat to your family?

Our answer to this dilemma was to take a vacation :)  Our satellite company lets you suspend service for up to six months and then service resumes.  It does push out our contract by the six months but it gives us a chance to decide whether or not its worth it to us to keep it.  I'm okay with canceling at the end of six months and paying the fee to be done with it.  The few things I want to see I can get from the library or Netflix (or maybe someday online if I ever buy a computer that can handle it.  My gal is almost nine and doesn't do well with video :p).  I'm not sure the husband will be ready to say good-bye, though, as he's been missing his science shows :p  We still have many months to go to see how he's feeling :)