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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The wonders of vinegar......

The Boy really loves it when I clean--he follows me around and tells me it smells yummy, just like potato chips.  His Dad loves salt & vinegar potato chips and The Boy has come to enjoy them as well (I can't stand them.  Don't even like the smell of them).  So when I'm cleaning, The Boy is loving the smell of my vinegar and follows me around for the aroma :p  Personally, I hate the smell of vinegar.  It isn't at all pleasant to me but I tolerate it because a) the older I get, the more sensitive to chemicals I am.  I may not like the smell of vinegar but at least it doesn't bring on an asthma attack every time I try to clean b) I don't have to worry about the kids or the pets being exposed to harsh chemicals c) it is super cheap d) it makes an AWESOME cleaner.  You know how all the little spills and splatters on your stove get all hard and caked on (particularly if you have a habit of forgetting to wipe it down after dinner and it sits overnight)?  And how you spray your cleaner on it and let it soak and still end up scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing to get it clean?  I spritz a little vinegar on it and wipe off immediately and everything just dissolves and comes right off.  It is fantastic :)  I really should buy stock in vinegar (and baking soda) because I go through a lot of it.  A bottle sits next to my laundry detergent because I use it instead of fabric softener.  My washer itself does smell faintly of vinegar but clothes come out very fresh and soft.  I use vinegar and baking soda to sanitize my drains (and Sterling thinks it very fun magic to pour the vinegar in and watch it fizz with the baking soda).  I wash my windows/mirrors with vinegar to get them sparkly.  I disinfect light switches & toilets with vinegar.  Baking soda and a little water makes a nice gritty paste for scrubbing things like my sink or counters (and a spritz and wipe with vinegar disinfects it when I'm done).  I get my money's worth out of it ;)