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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I think the universe is out to get me.....


S had his surgery yesterday--he was very nervous but he was a champ about it all. He was very cooperative and they asked him if he wanted a parent to come back with him until he fell asleep. He asked me to come and held my hand until he was asleep.

We took Izzy downstairs to feed her some breakfast and while waiting in line, I started feeling a little sick. I felt perfectly fine up until that point but soon afterwards, I was in the bathroom throwing up. I felt a little off and spent most of the next hour or so in the waiting room with my eyes closed while the mister entertained Izzy. 

When the surgery was done and S was in recovery, we met with the surgeon in a consult room--they successful placed titanium rods in S's two bones so they are nice and straight and have the extra strength to stay in place as they heal. There was one small complication--he had a bump on one of the bones from the healing of the first time he broke it and that was preventing the rod from going in. So they had to open up his arm and repair the bump so he does have an incision along his arm instead of just the two holes at his wrist. 

At that point, I commented on how hot the room was and the mister and the doctor thought it was cool. Someone, I'm not sure who, said I was really pale, and the next thing I know, I am on a bed with people poking at me and I have no idea what is going on. I lost huge portions of yesterday and have only scattered memories of most of the rest of the day. I have been told I collapsed and was very confused. My blood pressure was a tad bit high, I had a fever, and I was in tachycardia for many hours. They did not know how long I was in tachycardia before I collapsed and were worried that my heart was going to be damaged so I was admitted to the hospital for observation. I remember waking up in the Children's ER and asking if I hit my head because it hurt (they said no). And then I was in an ambulance but I have no memory of being loaded up in it. I spent some time in the adult hospital ER. I know I was moved to the cardiac observation unit but I don't remember being moved there. I had many EKGs and blood draws and was hooked up to heart monitors all night. At some point overnight my heart rate finally came back to normal and once it has stayed normal for several hours they did one last check of my heart--no damage. It appears I had a perfect storm of a virus, stress, the onset of a migraine, slight dehydration, and the pain from the infection in my arm that led to the tachycardia and collapse. Scary stuff, my friends. I really do not ever want to wake up full of tubes and wires again and not know what is happening or why :/

I was told that S was sick from the anesthesia and threw up a lot most of the evening but he feels much better today and is glad I am home. He was very worried because he knew something bad must have happened to keep me from taking care of him while he was recovering. Poor little guy :( Izzy had a hard time of it, too, and has not left my side since I got home this afternoon. B just thought he got a fun sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's LOL