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Monday, December 17, 2012

Today was S's surgery follow-up appointment--everything is looking great!  The bones are still nicely aligned and his incisions look good.  They took off the wrappings and splint and put him in a short cast--he was so excited about that :p  The long cast meant he couldn't move his elbow but now he is more comfortable and can do more things :)  The doc said the titanium rods will do the job of holding everything in place so the long cast wasn't necessary anymore.  Three weeks and we go back for another check and possibly get the cast off.  S is really hoping the cast can come off because then he could join the next session of swim lessons (he had to miss the last few weeks because of his arm and now lessons are over).

In other news, Izzy has gone and grown up on me ;-)  Last week when I was hospitalized, she had a hard time being away from me but she did it and even had fun while I was gone :)  She has been eating real meals instead of just snacking between nursing sessions, she has decided she likes drinking milk and water from her straw cup, and she has gotten even more opinionated.  My little baby has decided it is time to be my little toddler!