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Thursday, December 13, 2012

S was finally able to return to school today and he was both nervous and excited.  It is the first time he has been back since last Monday when he broke his arm in the evening.  Last week, he didn't go in because the surgeon that set his arm did not want him in school while he was on the Tylenol with codeine--good call on his part because S slept away most of last week and when he was awake he was spacey.  He had an ortho appointment on Friday and then another on Monday, then surgery on Tuesday, and then he was sick from the anesthesia on Wednesday.  He has adjusted to the pain meds now and can take them if needed and still be alert so off to school he went.  He had a great day :)  He was happy to see his friends although he did not want to tell anyone what happened to him or that he had surgery.  Last week, he got a big envelope in the mail full of handmade cards from all his classmates wishing him a good recovery, many of them Star Wars themed because S is such a Star Wars fan :)  It was very cute.  They are all very curious about where he has been and what happened so we had a talk today about how it is fine if he does not want to talk about it but he does need to be polite because they are just curious and worried about him.  The standard second-grade response is "none of your beeswax" but I would prefer he be a little politer ;)