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Monday, February 4, 2013

S's surgery follow up

We had a very snowy drive to the Children's Hospital in the nearby Big City and an even snowier drive back but we made it :p  S had his surgery on Dec 11, he got his cast off four weeks ago, and everything is still looking great.  The bones are nice and straight and the Dr said they look about 90% healed, which is expected at this stage.  S has been having some pain in his wrist when he moves the arm too fast (I call it flailing--its one of his sensory seeking behaviors and his control over doing it is spotty) and the surgeon thinks the cap he put on when he placed the rods may be hitting the tendon when S flails.  He cannot take the cap out just yet but we go back in six weeks and if it is still bothering S, they will schedule him to get the cap taken out and then a few months later he will go back in to have the rods themselves pulled out.  S agrees with the Dr that it would best to be able to do all of it at once instead of two separate surgeries so he told the Dr he was going to try real hard to not flail with his left arm :p

In other news, poor Izzy caught a tummy bug and was just miserable yesterday and last night.  She is feeling better today and has kept everything down since about 2am so she is on the mend :)