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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Make it again!!

The other night, we needed something quick and easy to eat after we got home from yet another appointment for the kids.  We were a bit tired of just sandwiches, so we tried a twist on a sandwich :p  We made hot sandwich pinwheels :)

Lay out a rectangle of dough (could be homemade biscuit dough, store bought stuff, crescent rolls, whatever floats your boat ;) ), sprinkle with seasoning (we went for a dried Italian herb blend), layer on black forest ham and cheese (we did Swiss for half and mild cheddar for the other.  The boys normally don't like Swiss but they loved it in these hot sandwiches with the seasoning).  Roll, slice, put in pan, bake :)  I put mine too close together in the pan so they too longer than they should have to cook but the kids all declared it was well worth the wait and we NEED to have this again.  We had some leftovers that we ate cold the next day for lunch--they weren't quite as good as hot but the kidlets said we should always make leftovers to eat the next day cold LOL  Can you tell they liked this one?