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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

No nap!

Izzy is at that age where she is starting to transition out of naps.  Most days she is still taking at least one but she does have those days where she just isn't tired enough to fall asleep.  And other days, she is tired enough but just won't admit it :p  Usually when she is tired enough to nap, she will come and ask me to go "nigh-nigh" so I will go and put her to bed.  Sometimes, I notice she needs a nap and I will ask her if she is ready for her nap--probably seventy-five percent of the time she will tell me yes and off we go.  Yesterday was part of the twenty-five percent--she was adamant:  NO NAP.  I told her she at least needed "quiet time" so she settled down in her chair and I turned on Caillou (please please please Netflix, get more seasons on instant play.  It is her preferred quiet time show and I am so tired of the same episodes......).

A short time later, I peek in on her and she has moved from her chair to the sofa and was sound asleep.  So much for no nap, eh? 

BTW, despite the fact that she was asleep, I didn't turn off Caillou and continued to listen to it as I finished up some laundry.  WHY?!?!?!  I had the chance to stop and instead let it keep going.  Its like that e-card going around where you find yourself still watching the kiddie channel half an hour after they went to bed :\  Does it just become habit to have annoying kids shows in the background so you don't even really notice enough to turn them off?  :p