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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Having three weeks off really messed up our routines but the kids seem to be settling back into them for the most part.  And thank goodness they are because poor B does not do well with disruptions to the routine and no school for three weeks was hard for him :p  At least in summer there are plenty of distractions outside but freezing cold means we were mostly trapped inside :p  I am already noticing less fighting between him and Iz so *whew* glad school is back in session!

We are finally making some progress with figuring out what B has.  ASD has been ruled out--he's had autism assessments in two places and both of them show he is not on the spectrum.  I don't have the full results yet for the second eval (waiting on that appointment) but the first one came back with a diagnosis of a communication disorder and a recommendation for more testing for OCD and a full assessment through the local mental health agency to see if he qualifies for services for the communication disorder and also to screen for other possible things than can cause the symptoms that made doctors/school think he may have autism.  So the pediatrician is reading over the results so she can decide what next step she wants to take and I need to find a time to take B in alone for the full assessment (our county is walk-in only so that makes things a bit difficult).  But at least we are moving forward and the more information we get, the better it is for the school to implement a plan to better help him :)