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Sunday, January 5, 2014

S goes to cardiology

I have wanted the boys to get checked out by cardiology since Iz was born but the old pediatrician didn't feel it was necessary.  The new ped, however, seemed surprised neither boy had ever been checked out so she referred S and told me to remind her to refer B next time he has an appointment.

So off we went to the Children's Hospital on Friday for our just in case appointment to get the all-clear on S's heart.

First up was the EKG......which was abnormal :/  Honestly, I was expecting everything they did to be normal normal normal so it was a little nerve wracking to hear abnormal instead.  So off we went for a very long, very thorough echo where the tech checked and rechecked and got a second opinion on a couple areas of S's heart.

Good news!  At this time, S's heart looks great and there are no problems.  The cardiologist said that, in his experience, EKGs like S's are usually seen in kids who have had holes that closed on their own.  It causes a little rewiring of the electrical impulses and that causes the abnormal EKG.  We will never know for sure but the theory is S had at least one hole in his heart that is now completely closed.  S did have symptoms as an infant--sweating (particularly when nursing), falling asleep while eating, slow weight gain, rapid/loud breathing, fast heart rate, cold extremities and bluish tint to hands, feet, and sometimes lips.  But I didn't know then that those things could be heart related and the pediatrician at the time said they were normal.  I'm just glad that today everything looks good, even if we have a funky EKG :)

Waiting for his echo